Gritz Protective Solutions, LLC

We use current technology to improve the way we live, work and understand our surroundings through technology. Our goal is to save lives, work smarter, and change behavior habits through analytical crunching software and sensors.  Not only do we want to save you money but we want to alert you of problems in advance.

A single event can change your life and livelihood.

You probably already have an alarm system in place. That’s good, but not good enough. Alarms only go off after something bad has happened. OnePrevent (by OneEvent) can predict, alert and prevent disasters before they occur.

New Technology

We make protective alerts faster, easier and more efficient for todays growing world of technology.

Gritz Protective Solutions

G.P.S. is at the forefront of shaping individuals and businesses with products and solutions that will enhance peoples lives.

Independent Living

When OnePrevent senses important changes in your home’s environment, you get notified. That’s a powerful thing that provides protection and peace of mind.

Fast & Easy set up

It’s easier than you think to secure your home or business with Gritz Protective Solutions.

Peace of Mind

Our clients have a peace of mind knowing that their homes and businesses are protected.

Teaming up with One Event


Our Goal is customer satisfaction

Modernizing life safety and security systems with an intelligent solution that protects buildings, homes and most importantly, the people within them. Pete Girard

Happy Customer

I have peace of mind knowing that my business is protected 24/7.  This technology has already saved us thousands of dollars in potential losses and we are very grateful. Harold Smith

Business Owner

It is absolutely essential to know that our systems are operating properly and with this technology we can monitor all of our systems from our phones 24/7. Jessica Blue

Web Engineer

Our Mission

Empower the protection of lives and property

Our Vision

To bring to market software systems to monitor business and home environments, and generate life, and property-saving insights


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